About Us

Maverick Abrasives | Industrial Abrasives Manufacturer

Maverick Abrasives in a converter & manufacturer of coated abrasives and polishing products located in Southern California. We manufacturer a plethora of abrasive items from sanding belts & sanding discs to quick change discs, flutter sheets, cartridge rolls & many other coated abrasive products. We have state of the art Italian made machinery to make any splices, joints and special requirements requested for your sanding operation.

What really makes our company special is that we are the only company in the world to manufacture under one roof abrasives, buffing wheels & buffing compound! We have the capabilities to make airway buffing wheels, conventional stitched buffing wheels, goblet buffing wheels, sisal buffing wheels & many others. We have state of the art machinery and mixers to make our premium line of polishing compounds which are specially formulated for specific industries such as the marine, metal finishing, trucking, composite & plastic markets.

Custom & Made to Order

We have the products and ability to custom make anything from custom belt sizes to custom polishing compound formulas and buffing wheel configurations. In a world with automated receptionists and dodgy salesman we strive to bring that easy-to-access customer service and problem solving to your sanding and finishing operation.

Abrasives are used in a wide-range of industrial applications. Supplying businesses with the abrasive belts, polishing compound, and buffing wheels, Maverick Abrasives serves industrial accounts as well as smaller shops.