4" x 106" Glass Fabrication Sanding Belt, 24 PACK
4" x 106" Glass Fabrication Sanding Belt, 24 PACK

4" x 106" Glass Fabrication Sanding Belt, 24 PACK

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Silicon Carbide belts are ideal for edge sanding, bevel grinding, and edge sanding when working with glass. We manufacture our premium sanding belts using a polyester Y-weight backing that can be ran WET or DRY. These belts are ultra durable for any application, whether it be in a home lapidary operation or a large-scale production shop. These are industrial grade belts that can withstand intense heat and pressure and provide incredible life. On a piece for piece basis, our belts will outlast the PC221 belts from CR Laurence and other suppliers. 

Can these belts be ran wet? 

Our 4" x 106" sanding belts can be ran in wet applications as they are made with heavy duty a polyester backing that is waterproof. This is a premium wet or dry silicon carbide sanding belt for glass fabrication. 


Our cork sanding belts are perfect for putting a finishing polish on your work. This material is a premium all natural cork that looks aggressive from its rough appearance, however this belt will finish your glass to a gorgeous luster! Cork sanding belts are very common for glass fabrication and are very long life products. Ordering one of our 4" x 106" cork sanding belts for glass fabrication will change your world. 

Popular 4 x 106 belt sanders 

CRL DBS106W Wet Twin Belt Seamer - This machine requires two 4" x 106" abrasives on the machine at one time. 

CRL DBS106 CRL 106" Dry Twin belt Seamer - This CR Laurence machine requires two 4" x 106" abrasive sanding belts at one time. 

CRL 2300RP WET ABRASIVE 110V AC Belt sander with Roller Platen - Another popular glass fabrication machine that requires just one 4" x 106" sanding belt at a time

CRL 2300 Wet Abrasive Belt Sander without Roller - Same machine as above without the roller, great machine that takes a 4" x 106" silicone carbide sanding belt. 

CRL H82 Horizontal Wet Belt Sander - This machine also manufactured by CR Laurence that requires a 4" x 106" silicone carbide sanding belt. 

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