4" x 64" Glass Fabrication Sanding Belt, 12 PACK
4" x 64" Glass Fabrication Sanding Belt, 12 PACK

4" x 64" Glass Fabrication Sanding Belt, 12 PACK

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Silicon Carbide belts are ideal for edge sanding & flat surface finishing when working with glass. Cork belts are perfect for putting a finishing polish on your work. Our premium S181 silicone carbide sanding belt material is the the premier abrasive material in the glass fabrication market. Our silicone carbide lasts long and leaves better finish on glass without the risk of cracking or scratching glass due to its specially engineered grain. 

This 4 x 64 sanding belt is made on a premium Y-weight polyester backing. Since the backing is made from polyester it can be used in wet or dry applications and will hold up well on handle held portable sanders without breaking down. 

What are the best sanding belts for a CRL Laurence BM64B Wet Abrasive belt sander? 

Maverick abrasives manufactures 4" x 64" sanding belts for the heavy duty bench model wet abrasive belt sander by CR Laurence. Our belts are specifically sized and manufactured for this machine so you can easily complete your glass fabrication job. 

For bulk pricing on this size please contact sales by phone or email sales@maverickabrasives.com 


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