6" PSA Ceramic Film Sanding Disc (Sticky Back)
6" PSA Ceramic Film Sanding Disc (Sticky Back)


6" PSA Ceramic Film Sanding Disc (Sticky Back)

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Our purple #SAVAGEDISC is a premium ceramic abrasive grain on a unrippable film backing! These discs are both EXTREMELY durable and LONG LIFE as this uses brand new CERAMIC abrasive grain technology that is perfect for sanding softwood, hard wood and of course metal! These discs were designed to sand ANYTHING and last longer than any home depot, lowes or even industrial grade sandpaper. We wanted to manufacture the absolute best in sanding disc technology, and that is what we have achieved with this product! We can't wait for you to try them yourself! 

  • Ceramic Discs have 3X the life of paper discs and 2X the life of other film discs! 
  • Made with an untearable nylar backing 
  • Leaves a fantastic finish and was tested by craftsman in cabinet shops, metal shops and fine furniture shops!
  • Better finish, quality and life than Diablo, Festool, Mirka & klingspore!  

 What makes ceramic discs better than gold or white discs? 

Ceramic abrasive grains are 3X as dense as aluminum oxide and thus provide much more life. Ceramic sanding discs provide the best cost value when compared to other leading brands gold or white hook & loop discs. Ceramic grains will fragment far less and stay sharp for a longer time, causing these to intrinsically last longer when sanding wood, metal or even plastics. 


Why choose us?


We built our brand on providing EXCELLENT products, and we built our cult following on having the BEST pricing. Becuase we are the manufacturer we offer the best prices on the internet, bar NONE! From craftsman in their garage to craftsman in a production shop, Maverick abrasives has you, and your wallet covered.