8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts EZ-8, 10 PACK
8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts EZ-8, 10 PACK
8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts EZ-8, 10 PACK
8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts EZ-8, 10 PACK
8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts EZ-8, 10 PACK

8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts EZ-8, 10 PACK

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8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts

Our 8" x 19" Floor Sanding Belts are ideal for fast cuts during pre-finish floor sanding and cutting through layers of floor coatings. We offer them with Ceramic, Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia, and Silicon Carbide abrasive materials - all bonded to a cloth backing. High-quality Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, and Zirconia belts are ideal for edge sanding, bevel grinding, and edge sanding. It comes in a wide range of grits to compliment all sanding needs from stock removal to fine polishing. These belts are great for use on many different surfaces to complement its already wide range of applications.

Guide on what material type to choose from for your EZ-8 Floor Sanding Machine:

Aluminum Oxide (Brown in color) - Aluminum Oxide belts are great belts for floor refinishing if you dont want to spend the money for the zirconia or ceramic in the coarser grits from 24 to 120. After this grit range meaning 150 +, your only option would be silicone carbide or aluminum oxide. Aluminum Oxide will last about 25-40% longer than silicone carbide, although silicone carbide, because of its grain will leave a more refined line grain finish. Aluminum oxide is a good bang for your buck if you want to stay on a budget but still want decent life of your sanding belt for your wood floor refinishing project. 

Silicone Carbide - As i mentioned above, silicone carbide is known for its pristine and more refined finish. THis grain by nature leaves a sharper, thinner line grain when sanding which can result in a better finish when sanding wood floors. You do sacrifice some life with this material as its consistent sharp edges & fragmentation are what gives it its ability to finish well, but also cause the belt to wear quicker. I like to think of aluminum oxide as a #2 pencil, while Silicone carbide is the mechanical pencil that always sharp. If money is less of an issue and you want the bet 

Zirconia - Zirconia belts for your EZ-8 floor sander are a FANTASTIC option, and our choice for removal of the old, crusty flooring in a hurry! ;) For the money, these things are killer and we find perform much better than the Norton Bluefire belts by 20%. Zirconia is only offered in grits 24, 36, 40, 60, 80 & 120 as its mainly meant for stock removal. We HIGHLY recommend this. 

Ceramic - While we largely find that ceramic can be overkill in many circumstances for wood flooring and often recommend our zirconia, ceramic is a good option for those that dont mind paying a little extra and want some belt that are very heavy duty and will last a long time! these will last about 2X that of the zirconia belts. 



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