Angle Grinder Extender Shaft (5/8″-11)

Angle Grinder Extender Shaft (5/8″-11)

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Angle Grinder Extender Shaft (5/8″-11)

The 5/8″-11 Angle Grinder Extender Shaft is your solution for expanding the capabilities of your angle grinder and improving efficiency. This threaded extender adds 2 inches to your angle grinder's attachment point, enabling the simultaneous use of two Airway Buffing Wheels. Safety and performance are paramount when using a right angle grinder, and this extender ensures both.

Key Features:


  • Threaded Design: The 5/8″-11 threaded design ensures a secure and stable connection to your angle grinder, allowing for reliable performance.

  • Extended Reach: Gain an extra 2 inches of reach, providing the necessary space to accommodate an additional Buffing Wheel or accessory.

  • Dual Buffing Capability: Now you can run two Airway Buffing Wheels simultaneously, effectively doubling your buffing power and speeding up your tasks.

  • Safety First: Using an angle grinder without an extender can be risky. The extender shaft safely pushes the buffing wheel out, maintaining a safe distance between the grinder and the workpiece.

Attaching the Angle Grinder Extender:

  1. Screw the female section of the extender securely onto your right angle grinding wheel. Ensure a tight connection.

  2. Place your buffing wheels with center plates or an inserted Safety Flange onto the male threaded section of the extender.

  3. Secure the buffing wheel(s) in place using a 5/8″ hex nut or a low-profile inserted flange.


    • Thread: 5/8″-11

    • Length: 2 inches

      Why Choose the Angle Grinder Extender Shaft?

      Efficiency, safety, and versatility are the hallmarks of the 5/8″-11 Angle Grinder Extender Shaft. By enabling the use of dual Buffing Wheels, this extender streamlines your buffing tasks, reduces downtime, and enhances the overall performance of your angle grinder.

      Make your angle grinder work smarter, not harder, with the 5/8″-11 Angle Grinder Extender Shaft. Upgrade your buffing capabilities and achieve exceptional results in less time.

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