What Are Flap Discs Used For?

What Are Flap Discs Used For?

What Are Flap Discs Used For?

First, let's talk about what flap discs are. Flap discs are abrasive cloth flaps that are layered thickly. When using a flap disc, the goal is to shape or form different surfaces (metal, wood, etc.) -- while also resulting in a nice finished look. Flap discs can be used on surfaces that are uneven, making it easier than if you were to use a grinding wheel or fiber disc. 

Benefits of using Flap Discs

The benefits of using flap discs are ; more safety due to pieces not flying off, different pressures to get a smoother finish, less vibration so it can be easier to use/more comfortable, less likely to leave heat marks, and a better finish. 

After using a grinding wheel, to smooth out bumps, flap discs can last up to twenty five times longer than a resin fiber disc. 

When you are looking for what type of flap disc to purchase, consider the job you want to get done. A disc with a regular standard density would be more efficient for stock removal, whereas a more dense disc may last longer. A good abrasive will give you a longer life when using a flap disc while also being able to grind and give a finish to the surface -- which means you do not have to alternate between different discs.

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