9″ x 11″ Sanding Sheets
9″ x 11″ Sanding Sheets
9″ x 11″ Sanding Sheets
9″ x 11″ Sanding Sheets

9″ x 11″ Sanding Sheets

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Maverick Abrasives offers 9" x 11" sanding sheets with Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide abrasive materials. They're ideal for use with crafts, woodworking, metalworking, plastic, and automotive applications - along with certain stages of the buffing and polishing process. These sheets can be used for hand sanding or power sheet sanding applications. 

We offer many types of sheets including J-weight aluminum oxide, Cabinet paper (gold) , Stearated non loading lubricated sheets (grey color) and finally a very premium C-weight Wet/dry sheet. 

How to know what 9x11 sandpaper sheet type is right for you? 

Stearated Non Loading sheets (grey sheets) - These sheets are a common woodworking sheet because they are stearated with a zinc coating which prevent loading and gives a long life. These sheets are silicone carbide which means they are much more ideal for fine finishing and for a consistent finish. These sheets are highly flexible so they can be bent, rolled or crumpled for the desired use in flat or contour sanding. Great performance on lacquer, paint, primer, sealer, & finishing between coats. 

Cabinet Paper / Gold sheets - Our 9 x 11 aluminum oxide C-weight cabinet paper sheets are long lasting sheets that are excellent for both hand and machine sanding. These sheets have a full resin on resin bond, which means that the grain will stay adhered to the surface for longer and give you MUCH longer like for your sanding application. You can use these sheets on wood, metal, paint, primer, plastic & fiberglass. 

Premium J-weight Aluminum Oxide 9 x 11 sheets - These sheets are very flexible for a cloth backed sanding sheet that still allows for contour sanding of intricate shapes and pieces. These sheets provide excellent cutting and long life. You can use these sheets to sanding wood and metal such as our railings, columns etc. Of all the sheets you could get, these would be the most premium and longest lasting, by far!

Wet or Dry sanding Sheets - Wet or dry sheets can obviously be used in wet or dry applications and are on a C-weight paper that is very flexible and long lasting. These sheets are made using a silicone carbide grain that leaves a beautiful & sharp line grain finish. These sheets can be used on metal, glass, wood, plastic or textiles. These sheets are the best in the industry for a wet/dry sheet!!! 

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We built our brand on providing EXCELLENT products, and we built our cult following on having the BEST pricing. Becuase we are the manufacturer we offer the best prices on the internet, bar NONE! From craftsman in their garage to craftsman in a production shop, Maverick abrasives has you, and your wallet covered.