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How do you make sandpaper? 

Abrasive sandpaper is made by joining abrasive grains, a resin coating and a cloth or paper backing using an electrostatic current. From there the material is cooked and left to sit and dry before being converted in sanding belts or sanding discs! This same process is followed with aluminum oxide, zirconia or silicone carbide materials. From there the abrasive jumbo rolls are converted into sanding belts or sanding discs. 

How long does it take to manufacture custom sanding belts? 

While manufacturing times can be seasonal and vary per item or order size. It typically takes about 3 days to manufacture or produce an order of sanding belts. This process is done by cutting down jumbo roll or cut rolls into loops or wide belts! We streamline our manufacturing process by keeping ready to cut rolls handy for efficiency and speed!

How long does it take to manufacture custom abrasive sanding discs? 

It typically takes us about 3 to 4 working days to produce a custom order of sanding discs. We typically manufacture our discs using PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) which is commonly referred to as "sticky back" but also have the ability to apply hook & loop to the back of a material. 

Where is the best place to buy custom sanding belts?  

Maverick Abrasives is the best place to buy custom sanding belts because we have low minimums and the best price when it comes to lower-quantity custom-ordered sanding belts. Minimum order quantity always depends on the width of the sanding belts. Please get in contact with us with regards to your abrasives needs and we can get your order made within just a few days!