What Are Resin Fiber Discs Used For...

What Are Resin Fiber Discs Used For...

What Are Resin Fiber Discs Used For?

Getting Familiar With Resin Fiber Discs

Resin fiber discs are tough flat sanding discs that have layers of fiber -- which is used as a backing. The fiber has resin coated over it which will help to minimize issues when it comes to sanding or the finish on the material -- for example, grain stripping or loading. 

What are Fiber Discs Used For

When looking for a heavy stock removal, fiber discs are for you. Fiber discs come in different grits, however, they have a single layer of grit which can shorten the life and usage of it. Once the discs no longer has a sharp edge, it is time for a new one.

Which Disc is Right For You

When choosing which disc to purchase, a zirconia or ceramic material has a self sharpening grain -- giving it a cleaner/cooler cut.

Things to Consider When Using a Resin Fiber Disc

When using a resin fiber disc, try to not use too much pressure on one spot for too long. If you are dealing with a larger surface, try using a motion such as sweeping to avoid being in an area for too long. Another thing to consider is airflow. Using something to create airflow between discs and a backup pad will help with the heat. The reason you want to avoid heating/overheating is that it will damage the surface you are working on while also shortening the discs life span. 


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