Who is the top wide belt supplier in the United States? 

Maverick Abrasives is the top wide sanding belt supplier in the united states for a reason. We manufacture premium wide sanding belts in ALL sizes. Since we are a manufacturer we have the most competitive prices on large order quantities or small! We have the ability to do wide belts starting at 9" x 60" going up to 37" x 60" and all the way to 54" x 138"! While these belts encompass only a few sizes of what we make here, we manufacture and stock many many more! 

Maverick Abrasives has been in business since 1997 and has a long history of being the top supplier for wide sanding belts for many reasons. We manufacture of sanding belts using many types of materials such as aluminum oxide, zirconia, silicon carbide and ceramic. 

Will our belts out-perform 3m wide sanding belts? 

We pride ourselves on premium grade materials from the backing to the abrasive grain and resin top-coat. 3M's abrasives do NOT compare to our premium long life sanding belts and in fact, have always beaten 3M in piece for piece comparisons. This means we set up a controlled test and ran pieces of wood such as oak, mahogany and even maple through a timesaver sander and found that our belts out performed theirs by 17.3% on average. This percentage can make a huge difference when you think about your overall abrasives usage in the year! 

Do you make custom made sanding belts? 

We can make any custom length OR width wide sanding belt you are looking for in your production facility. We can produce widths as small as 1/2" wide and go all the way up to 67" wide. As far as custom abrasive belt lengths go we can make anywhere from 48" long  all the way to 138" long!

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