3" x 24" Sanding Belts, 12 PACK
3" x 24" Sanding Belts, 12 PACK
3" x 24" Sanding Belts, 12 PACK

3" x 24" Sanding Belts, 12 PACK

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 3" X 24" Sanding belts for portable sanders

Maverick abrasives premium Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, and Zirconia belts are ideal for edge sanding, bevel grinding, and flat surface grinding. Thes belts are perfect for any home depot, lowes or harbor freight portable sander amongst many others. Our 3" x 24" belts come in a wide range of grits starting at 36 grit and going all the way to 600 grit to compliment all sanding needs from stock removal to fine finishing. If you are a large scale production shop or a DIY'er, our portable belts will perform with finish and longevity in mind. 

What 3" x 24" belt should you order? 

ALUMINUM OXIDE 3 X 24 belts are best for sanding and finishing wood, aluminum, stainless steel or steel. These belts are 100% what you should order if you are sanding or finishing wood. You can also use this material for the other metals i mentioned, however if you are looking for longevity and stock removal in grits 36 through 120, you would be best served to use zirconia or ceramic due it its long life on these surfaces. Aluminum oxide is typically brown in color. 

ZIRCONIA 3 X 24 belts are best suited for heavy stock removal in grits 36, 40, 60, 80 & 120 and are primarily for sanding metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel or steel. You can certainly use this on heavy stock removal applications for wood, however it is less common. Zirconia is green in color. 

CERAMIC 3 X 24 belts are best suited for hard metal surfaces such as stainless steel and steel. Ceramic is typically about 40% more expensive than zirconia, however when sanding these surfaces you will get 2-3X more life than zirconia and 6-7X more life than aluminum oxide. These are a great value when doing stock removal between grits 36 and 120 grit. These belts are typically RED or ORANGE in color. 

Common 3 x 24 portable sanding machines found at lowes, home depot and harbor freight:

Makita 3 x 24 8.8 amp corded belt sander model # 9920 

Makita 3 in. x 24 in. 7.8 amp corded belt sander model #9924DB


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We built our brand on providing EXCELLENT products, and we built our cult following on having the BEST pricing. Becuase we are the manufacturer we offer the best prices on the internet, bar NONE! From craftsman in their garage to craftsman in a production shop, Maverick abrasives has you, and your wallet covered.