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4" x 24" Surface Conditioning Belts (Non-Woven)



Non-woven belts are often referred to as surface conditioning. They are used to clean, blend, deburr and finish aluminum, stainless steel or steel surfaces. These belts, while they seem expensive do last a long time and leave a great finish. Because this is a fibrous sanding belt material, they have reduced loading and head build-up which allows for the longer operating time and consistent surface finishes. This belt has a reinforced scrim backing that makes it perfect for timesaver or other automated sander operations. 

Our surface conditioning belt material comes in four colors

Coarse (brown) 

Medium (Maroon) 

Very Fine (Blue)

Ultra fine (Grey) 

What color surface conditioning belt is what? 

Coarse Surface Conditioning - The coarse surface conditioning belt is brown in color and leaves a 60 grit scratch pattern 

Medium Surface Conditioning - The medium surface conditioning belt is maroon or red in color and leaves a 80 - 120 grit scratch pattern. 

Fine - Our fine surface conditioning sanding belt material is blue or greenish in color and leaves a 150 - 180 grit finish. This material is very popular for achieving a #4 finish which is one of the most popular finishes in metal fabrication. 

Ultra Fine - We are one of the few manufacturers to make this material. Our ultra fine surface conditioning belt material is grey in color and leaves a 220 grit finish. 


Light to moderate pressure pressure is recommended for most of the material grades. Keep in mind, a lighter hand may be needed on the coarse grade as it can remove significant material if used too firmly.

This 4" x 24"belt is common on machines such as the Makita 9404, Porter Cable #362V & many other portable belt sanders.

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