Case Pack Metal Polishing Compound (Bulk Deal)

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10 Bar Cases Of Polishing Compound For Metal Polishing

We are now offering our same great products at a discount for volume users! You can now buy 10 pack boxes of our compound bars for an additional 10% off! 

Buffing Wheel Speed for Metal Polishing from Renegade Products USA on Vimeo.

What Polisher/Grinder Goes best with polishing compounds & buffing wheels? 

MAKITA 9237C- The best 3,500 RPM polishing machine (PROS & BEGINNERS) 

MAKITA GA7021 - The best 6,000 RPM polishing machine (PROS) 

What are the safety requirements for buffing compounds & metal polishing? 

We HIGHLY recommend that you use a full face respirator mask! This FULL FACE RESPIRATOR MASK  is highly recommended and great quality. 

The SDS Sheets for our Metal Polishing Compounds can be found below:

SDS Sheet for T88 Brown Tripoli Compound

SDS Sheet for G16 Green Rouge Compound

SDS Sheet for T121 Fast-Cut Brown Tripoli Compound

SDS Sheet for SS800 Blue Rouge Compound

SDS Sheet for SS615 Yellow Deluxe Compound

SDS Sheet for SS11 Black Magic Compound

SDS Sheet for SS300 White Rouge Compound

SDS Sheet for SS510 Competition Purple Compound 

SDS Sheet for Q36 Illudium One-Step Compound

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