Copper & Brass Polishing Kit

Copper & Brass Polishing Kit

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 This is a complete and comprehensive polishing kit for polishing and restoring copper or brass projects. This kit was designed to sand and polish the surface of your copper or brass to bring out a gorgeous luster. This kit will take out any scratches, surface oxidation or patina that has built up on the surface of your antique brass or copper project. 

What will this copper & brass polishing kit do? 

  • Restores the Shine: Effortlessly brings back the stunning shine to your brass and copper pieces, making them look as good as new.
  • Helps Eliminate Oxidation: Our kit effectively lessens the unsightly appearance of oxidation, ensuring your copper and brass items maintain their original allure.
  • Hides Swirls and Scratches: Eliminate those pesky swirls and scratches, giving your copper and brass items a flawless, smooth finish that's sure to impress.

What Comes in the Copper & Brass Restoration Kit? 

  • Three (3) 9" Very Fine Surface Prep Discs (Single-ply) 
  • One (1) 9" Medium Surface Prep Disc (Single-ply) 
  • One (1) 9" Single Stitch Pink Airway Buffing Wheel (with center plate)
  • One (1) 9" UBM Airway BUffing Wheel (with center plate)
  • One (1) set of Steel Safety Flanges (for Buffing Wheels WITH center plates)
  • One (1) bar of Q36 Illudium Polishing Compound 
  • One (1) bar of Purple High Luster compound Bar
  • One (1) 12 Ounce bottle of Liquid Metal polish
  • One (1) 24 Ounce Bottle of Dissolver Compound Remover
  • Two (2) 2" Mini Surface Prep Discs (Medium, 1/2" Arbor Hole)
  • Two (2) 2" Mini UBM Buffing Wheels (20-Ply, 1/2" Arbor Hole)
  • Two (2) 2" Mini Yellow Buffing Wheels Buffing Wheels (20-Ply, 1/2" Arbor Hole)
  • One (1) 1/2" mandrel for a drill for mini buffs 
  • Two (2) 16 x 16 towels 
  • One (1) Microfiber Applicator Pad

What sander is best for metal polishing? 

We recommend two different sanders that you can use with your sanding process before going into your metal polishing with buffing wheels & buffing compound. One is corded and is great quality and the other is a cordless for those that have a little extra budget and want the added convenience. Both are fantastic quality and work with our sanding discs. 

1. Corded Orbital sander - Makita 5" Orbital Sander $ 89

2. Cordless Orbital Sander - Milwaukee Cordless Orbital Sander $ 117.99 

What Polisher/Grinder Goes best with these buffing wheels? 

MAKITA 9237C- The best 3,500 RPM polishing machine (PROS & BEGINNERS) 

MAKITA GA7021 - The best 6,000 RPM polishing machine (PROS) 

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