Dissolver Polishing Compound Remover


Dissolver Polishing Compound Remover

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Renegade Dissolver Polishing Compound Remover

Dissolver is a safe and convenient way to break down and remove excess polishing compound and organic residues from your vehicle's surfaces. It is safe on aluminum, stainless steel, and other polished metals.


How to use Renegade Dissolver Polishing Compound Remover:

  1. Shake well. Spray Dissolver onto the affected area. Use the product out of direct sunlight on surfaces that are cool to the touch.
  2. Allow the product to sit and work for 30 seconds, but do not let the product dry on the surface.
  3. The surface should be wiped with a clean microfiber towel until the polishing compound is removed. Some compound may require agitation to fully remove.

 SDS Sheet for the Dissolver Polishing Compound Remover

Click here to access the SDS Sheet for Dissolver Polishing Compound Remover.

Proposition 65 Warning - Renegade Products

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