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Drum Sander Rolls


This is one continuous abrasive roll that is 25 yards in length that can wrap around any diameter drum sander such as 16”, 19”, 22”, 25”, 37” etc. Simply wrap the roll around the drum and cut at the desired length. Each Roll makes between 5 – 10 sanding drums depending on the size. These are plain backed cloth rolls that have long life and are very durable for any woodworking or metalworking needs.

What sets our drum sander rolls apart from others? 

1. We are a manufacturer, which is a big reason why our price is so outstanding on these drum sanding rolls. We simple cut down one of our premium cloth backed jumbo rolls into small rolls which makes the process easy for us and the customer. Simply take these rolls and follow the given diagram to properly cut these rolls to spec. This cut takes seconds yet saves you 50% from other brands! 

2. We use a premium plain (they do not have velcro) backed poly-cotton backing aluminum oxide material that is sturdy and heavy duty for even the most heavy duty drum sanding applications. We stock our drum sander rolls in 36 grit which is for heavy stock removal, and go all the way up to 220 grit! For finer applications please give us a call and we can accomodate 320, 400 & even 600 grit if needed! 

3. What truly sets ours apart is the number of wraps you can get around your drum with just one roll! while drum sizes can vary from 10" all the way up to 37", you can get up to 15 wraps on a 3" wide drum sanding roll with a 10" drum size! You cannot find this deal anywhere else! 



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